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Stansted Airport worker admits stealing lost property

A STANSTED Airport worker who stole property lost by passengers – including a £600 iPhone – was today (Monday, September 9) spared jail by a court. Jason Cates, 44, of Vicerons Place, Thorley Park, who worked for the “lost and found” unit of the airport, Bagport, was instead put under a 12-month community order by […]

7 Baggage Handlers at JFK Airport Accused of Stealing

A lost pair of sunglasses might be chalked up to carelessness. A missing gold chain could have slipped off in a hotel room. Even an iPhone could have been misplaced in a rush to get through airport security. But eventually, it seemed clear that something was amiss in the baggage hold of El Al Airlines. […]

Heathrow Lost and Found

Have you traveled to London or had a layover in Heathrow and realized you left something? The following information may help alleviate the frustration and annoyance that typically accompanies an experience that requires the services of an airport Lost and Found. Heathrow lost and found helpfully uses technology to assist you in locating your lost […]

49ers Super Bowl XIX ring lost, then found at San Jose airport

An employee at Mineta San Jose International Airport has a new best friend. Former 49ers center John Macaulay lost his Super Bowl XIX ring at SJC on Tuesday, according to Sal Pizarro of the San Jose Mercury News, and Arra Daquina, who works at the Starbucks in Terminal B, found it in a restroom. Daquina […]

LaGuardia Airport lost and found overflows

In most cases, frantic travelers at LaGuardia Airport don’t intend to leave behind the thousands of items filling the bins and shelves at the lost-and-found office. They hear the “last call” flight warning over the loudspeakers and sprint from security checkpoints without belts, eyeglasses, car keys and an assortment of suitcases and roller bags. But […]


Traveling is often a hectic experience. While racing to catch your flight or make a connection, it’s easy to accidentally leave something behind. If you’ve had this unhappy experience at London Gatwick Airport Lost and Found, the following information about this location’s Lost and Found services can help you locate and retrieve your lost item. […]

Hundreds of complaints filed with TSA over lost items at Hartfield

Channel 2 Action News has obtained documents that show passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport report losing all kinds of valuables. Channel 2’s Scott MacFarlane found those items total about $250,000 in value. MacFarlane obtained a federal database that reveals 416 complaints filed with the Transportation Security Administration by Atlanta passengers between 2011 and 2012 claiming […]

Astonishing items left behind at Gatwick Airport lost property

MOST of us have misplaced an item or two in our rush to get from A to B – an umbrella or a pair of sunglasses perhaps. But few of us will have ever walked off and left behind a wedding dress, false teeth, crutches – or even a unicycle. And yet these are just […]

Chances of losing luggage rise in December, January, study says

If you plan to fly during the holiday season, the chances of an airline losing your luggage will increase sharply. The rate of mishandled luggage in December was as much as 35% higher than the annual average in the years 2008 through 2010, according to a study by NerdWallet.com, a personal finance analysis site. In […]

The Top 20 US Airports for TSA Theft

Your suitcase has been tagged and whisked away for a TSA security check before being loaded onto a plane en route to your final destination. How safe are the belongings inside? The TSA has fired nearly 400 employees for allegedly stealing from travelers, and for the first time, the agency is revealing the airports where […]