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Logan lost and found is full of surprises


Right now we’re in the height of summer travel season, so you and your family might be heading to the airport soon.

Every now and then, something you bring on your trip is left behind at Logan.

As you might imagine the airport’s lost and found area is full of items, and some of what is left behind might surprise you.

“They come to the checkpoint they’re going somewhere they’re in a rush and they leave full suitcases,” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said.

It’s not just suitcases, it’s everything you can think of and some things you wouldn’t even believe

“We’ve had raw food turned in. Somebody left behind half pound of raw ground beef. We’ve had a training dummy for medical students it was a lower female torso it was showing people how to deliver babies. It was a little shocking when we opened up the cabinet and that was right there,” TSA officer Tom Dasher said.

According to TSA 52,000 people make their way through the security checkpoints at Logan every day and many lose their items right in the bins.

Laptops, cell phones and multiple bags of clothes.

TSA keeps the items in the Boston airport lost and found for 30 days, after that high value items like phones laptops and jewelry are sent to TSA headquarters in Washington.

There their data is wiped and their given to other government agencies to use. Clothes are given to people in need.

“Lost and found clothing goes to homeless veterans so that’s a really nice thing” Farbstein said.

All of the lost items are tagged and the agents work hard to reconnect the owner to their lost item before the 30 days is up.

“We’ve had some people screech with joy and jump up and down, just really happy,” Dasher said.

Last month alone the TSA says 1,800 items were left at Logan. Agents say taking a second look inside in those security bins can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

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