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Traveling is often a hectic experience. While racing to catch your flight or make a connection, it’s easy to accidentally leave something behind. If you’ve had this unhappy experience at London Gatwick Airport Lost and Found, the following information about this location’s Lost and Found services can help you locate and retrieve your lost item.

This airport’s office is physically located in the South Terminal on the ground level. It’s open seven days a week, and the hours of operation are 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please note that this office is only for items that have been lost or found in the airport or at security. If you left an item on an airplane or an airline bus, you will need to contact the airline to learn how best to proceed.

You will complete an online “Search Lost Items” form. Select the location where the item was lost and the date it occurred. Choose from a drop-down menu of categories for your lost property and the applicable color(s). You can also enter any pertinent information and details in a freeform field. Finally, complete the contact information section and submit your request. You will be contacted via text or email if/when your property has been located. It may take up to two or three weeks for your property to reach the Office, though 95 percent of found items reach the Lost Property Office within a fortnight.

If the Lost Property Office has your item, you can return to the airport to retrieve it. Please be prepared to provide a photo ID in the form of a driver’s license, passport or other official documentation with a photo. For high ticket items, you may need to provide some form of proof of ownership. The storage charge amount is based on the size and weight of your lost property. You may also have a friend retrieve your lost item, but they will need to provide ID for both you and the person picking up the property as well as a signed letter from you.

If you are unable to physically retrieve your found property, you can arrange to have your items delivered to you anywhere in the world via courier. ID scans and any required ownership documentation will be requested via email.