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Air Canada May Lose Luggage But Finds a Yacht

Passengers and crew aboard an Air Canada flight are being credited for their assistance in locating a lost yacht and its crew in distress off the coast of Australia. Air Canada flight 033 from Vancouver and another Air New Zealand jet, flying from Auckland, were headed to Sydney when they were both asked to divert […]

‘Airport 24/7: Miami’: Latest Episode Focuses On Airport’s Lost And Found (VIDEO)

This week’s episode of “Airport 24/7: Miami” is called “Catch a Thief” and it appropriately focuses on the unfortunate nitty-gritty of airports: thieves, the lost and found, and passengers’ anger over lost luggage. The episode even features a sting operation that illustrates how thefts happen to unassuming travelers. Check out the clip above to go […]

Convicted TSA Officer Reveals Secrets of Thefts at Airports

Pythias Brown, a former TSA screener at Newark airport in New Jersey, was sentenced to three years in federal prison in 2009 for stealing from passenger luggage.

Better Options For An Airport Lost And Found

Superior resources for an airport lost and found can ensure greater success when it comes to ensuring that travelers are not forgetting something when they move on. Should your terminal be limited to only a simple storage box, you may be failing to provide travelers with a superior experience and the greater satisfaction they seek […]

What To Do When You Loose An Item On A Plane

The best chance of getting your stuff back is to act quickly. Delaying will only decrease the likelihood of your item(s) being found in time to hand over to you at the airport. Go Back To Arrival Gate – If the plane is still at the gate, go back to the gate and speak to the […]


If your travel itinerary includes the main international airport of the Netherlands and you discover that you have left something behind, you may be able to recover your item quite quickly. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol holds found items onsite for one day for fast retrieval. If it’s not picked up within that time, the items are […]

How to Get Your Lost Luggage and Unclaimed Baggage Back

The Woes Of Airport Lost And Found Millions of bags are lost or mishandled every year. Because of the headache it causes, many frequent flyers try to fit all of their belongings into their carry-ons whenever possible. Even the most well-known and trusted airport, such as DFW and JFK, lose hundreds of bags a year. […]


If you have traveled to, from or through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, you’re certainly not alone. Hartsfield-Jackson is one of the busiest airports in the world. With hundreds of thousands of passengers passing through the airport daily, keeping up with lost and found items is a huge undertaking. The airport’s lost and found department processes […]

Lost luggage is leading cause of stress for business travelers

Business travel can be bad for your health. That was the conclusion of a Columbia University study last year that found high obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure rates among those who travel the most for work. Now a new study by CWT Solutions Group, a travel management consultant, identifies those things that cause the most stress […]