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How do you find lost items so quickly?

Posting a lost property claim will make it available for access by public transport Employees, Attendants and Security, as well as Airport Restaurants, Shops, Taxi and Train/Bus transportation in the area where your item was reported missing.

It is extremely important to cover every angle. Realistically, transportation terminals such as airport atmospheres too railway terminal hubs such as Amtraks’ are always crowded and hectic; people are trying to catch either their flight or train, parents are trying to keep their children under control, or sometimes, a combination of the three.

When a person finds a lost item, typically they will hang on to it thinking they will hand it to a public transport employee such as an airport employee or airline attendant when they find one, or have the chance to search for one. However, in the mix of all the stimulation an airport brings to one’s environment, people tend to forget. It’s not until they are already on their flight or landing at their flight’s designated airport when realization kicks in. They are then forced to return the lost item to the airline they are flying, or to the airport in which they just landed. However with our system, all of these bases are covered to make sure that the lost item is safely recovered and does not slip through the cracks!