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Behind the scenes at BWI Airport Lost and Found

lost property bin
You might be hitting the airport to fly off on vacation this summer. But every now and then, something you brought with you stays there.

As you might imagine, an BWI airport Lost and Found bin fills up with a lot of stuff every summer. And as we found out, it is not always what you would expect.

BWI Airport is a place where 30,000 people come and go every day. But about 40 times a day, 1,200 times a month, somebody loses something at a Transportation SecurityAdministration checkpoint.

But it turns out all of that stuff you have lost just doesn’t disappear. It goes to a special place — a place called Lost and Found.

“Every day, we have a TSA officer that goes checkpoint to checkpoint and brings back all the lost and found items,” said TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein.

They literally see it all here. Popular things lost range from keys to ID cards to a museum of cellphones. There are many forgotten prescriptions too. Did you lose your laptop? It’s probably here.

Most people simply forget the stuff when going through security checkpoints.

“We see a variety of items,” said Farbstein. “Common items are belts because a lot of people have to take their belts off.”

Going through our treasure hunt here, we found hats, prescription glasses and sunglasses. In fact, just about any type of sunglasses you can think of are here.

“I think it’s really odd when you spot something like a walker or a cane,” Farbstein told us.

But what is the oddest thing we found? A fairy wand which may or may not have run out of spells.

So the next time your fly, remember to hold onto your stuff before your stuff gets held onto in here.